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Navigating the complex world of nutritional supplements often leads to confusion and wasted money. Nutrients RX by Optimal Health Systems offers a comprehensive solution, consolidating essential vitamins and minerals into a customized supplement regimen created just for you.

This approach eliminates guesswork and over-supplementation, ensuring every nutrient supports your health. By streamlining your supplement routine, Nutrients RX saves time, money, and prevents the creation of "expensive urine" from unused supplements. Optimize your health with a scientifically backed regimen that simplifies your nutrition needs.

Here's what you'll get from our Health Reset Protocol:

Functional Blood Work of Over 120 biomarkers

We leverage the proven accuracy and testing provided by Optimal Health System's Nutrients Rx. This All-in-One Bundle provides everything you need for a fully customized nutrient plan, including:

Comprehensive Blood Analysis:

120+ Biomarkers: In-depth lab work for precise health insights.

Personalized Health Profile: Tailored questionnaire to capture your unique health concerns and goals.

Clear Reports: Easy-to-understand summaries of your results and nutritional needs.

With this bundle, you receive a personalized approach that addresses all your health priorities, ensuring you get the nutrients your body truly needs.

Personalized Supplement Protocol based on your bloodwork.

Every individual is unique, with distinct lifestyles, body types, and nutritional needs. That’s why a one-size-fits-all approach to supplementation simply doesn’t work. Our approach tailors nutrients specifically to each person's unique profile, taking into account their lifestyle, body composition, and specific health goals.

By customizing your nutrient intake based on these factors, we ensure you receive the precise support your body requires. This personalized method maximizes the benefits and helps you achieve the best possible results for your health and well-being. Whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional, or someone managing a chronic condition, our tailored nutrient plans are designed to meet your individual needs and help you thrive.

Healthy Habits Tracker App

Transforming your life begins with changing your habits. Even small, positive adjustments in your daily routine can lead to a better, healthier, and happier you.

Embark on your journey to a healthier lifestyle with our powerful tools: Fasting, Macro Counting, and monitoring 12 scientifically backed health habits over a span of 21 to 63 days. Experience the profound impact on your life as you take on and conquer these challenges. We also offer:

Dedicated Support and Guidance: Receive continuous expert support to help you achieve your health goals. From understanding your lab results to fine-tuning your supplement plan, our team is committed to assisting you at every stage of your journey.

Live your healthiest, happiest life with clinically proven nutrients from our custom testing program

Unlock Personalized Nutrition: Transform Your Health with Supplements Custom-Fit to Your Body's Unique Demands!

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on multiple bottles of vitamin supplements, you’ll receive an entire Custom Pak with:

  • Whole food-based vitamins and minerals

  • Essential enzymes and probiotics

  • Beneficial herbs tailored to your needs

What People Are Saying:

“My heart disease risk dropped in half by taking the right nutrients from the blood work and being motivated by the test reports.” M. Lines

“My patients take the custom paks from this program much more faithfully than a bunch of bottles.” Dr. Teh, MD

“Getting the exact nutrients I need based off blood work and then objectively seeing and feeling the improvements has changed my life. I wish I would have found the Nutrients Rx program years ago.” G. Innes

Skip subjective supplementation and get a pure, potent dose of nutrients tailored to your exact needs and desires determined by blood work. Receive research-backed supplements proven to nutritionally support goals of better health, mental/emotional well-being, longevity, weight management, pain management, and more. Nutrients Rx does this by addressing the nutrients your body needs.

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How Does it Work?

Step 2.

Purchase Nutrients Rx Blood work & Questionnaire online

Step 3.

Download and print the paperwork. Take them to the lab nearest you when you submit your sample. To find your closest lab, simply enter your zip code at check out.

Take your order to any local blood draw location (with draw fees pre-paid).You'll receive your results report and first 30-day starter packs within two weeks.

Step 4.

We’ll create your custom supplement regimen based on your needs and desires and ship it right to your door. Your comprehensive blood & lab work report will available in your personal Nutrients Rx Portal online. Simply take 1 packet morning and evening each day of the custom pak and work to improve your life style

Step 5.

Each month, we will automatically send you a refill of your custom supplement paks so you never have to stress over reordering or running out

Step 6.

Every 6 months, we will send a reminder to renew your lab work. These labs are optional but are the best way to provide you with objective proof that your supplementation plan is working. When we receive your updated results, we will automatically update your monthly Health Pak to include any updated whole food nutrients you may now need and remove anything that’s no longer needed.

Step 7.

After renewing blood work, you can easily compare previous results side-by-side to the new ones so that you can know you are lowering your risk for disease & increasing your energy & longevity. We will automatically update your monthly Health Pak to include any updated whole food nutrients you may now need and remove anything that’s no longer needed.

What Does it Cost?

The initial one-time purchase of the Nutrients Rx blood work & questionnaire program is $349.00

This includes:

  • Initial Blood & Lab Work Panel - $800.00 Value

  • Health & Professional Review & Protocol - $100.00 Value

  • Comprehensive Lab Report - $105.00 Value

The automatic monthly shipment of your customized supplement pak cost $140.00 per month.

This includes a 1-month supply of customized supplements based off your needs (60 packets with 7 capsules each)

JoAnn Clinton, MSCN

JoAnn Clinton is an accomplished professional with a rich background in the field of wellness.

With over 11 years of experience as a bodyworker in the field of holistic health, JoAnn has honed her skills to provide comprehensive care and promote holistic well-being.

As a practicing Clinical Nutritionist for the past 3.5 years, JoAnn's expertise lies in empowering individuals to optimize their health through personalized dietary approaches.

With thousands of hours dedicated to training in nutrition and bodywork, JoAnn offers an integrated and effective approach to healing. Furthermore, JoAnn holds a master's degree in clinical nutrition from the prestigious Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, further solidifying her knowledge and credentials in the field.

With a commitment to continual learning and a genuine desire to transform lives, JoAnn is dedicated to helping clients unlock their true health potential. Join her on the path to vibrant well-being and discover a harmonious balance of mind, body, and nutrition.

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